Information Technology Jobs

Information technology jobs are expected to continue to grow in the next decade faster than the average for all occupations.  Global Career Connection is uniquely positioned in the market to connect the best IT employees with the best quality organizations and corporations around.  We attract executive level IT leadership as well as high quality skilled IT candidates with key skills and good work experience.  Information technology plays a vital role in success of organizations everywhere, so it is crucial that the best software developers, programmers, network engineers, and support services are retained and presented to our client base. 

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) or Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are top level leadership in the Information Technology sector.  They are charged with developing technical strategies to deploy technology, supervise technology employees, and plan resources. 

Software development jobs are always in high demand as companies seek to build technology solutions and achieve a competitive advantage over the market.  Creation of software solutions by a team of programmers and software developers can create efficiencies for the business or even create new revenue streams.  Software programmers often times leverage high level certifications and product specific certifications to achieve proficiency in their field and show that they know particular skills in their technology field. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job market for information technology managers is expected to grow 17 percent in the 10 years starting with 2008.  This is faster than the average for all occupations.  As organizations seek to grow their networks, security jobs and security manager jobs are expected to continue to grow in the market.  Information Technology managers are not the only technology jobs to gain momentum, software engineering, and computer programmers, computer systems analysts, computer network engineers, database administrators, and computer support specialist jobs are all expected to keep pace.  Computer and information systems managers hold about 293,000 jobs in 2008, while the projected figures in 2018 are 342,000.  In 2008, computer programmers held about 1.3 million jobs, and this is expected to grow by 21 percent over the following 10 years.  Software publishers generally pay the most, while a variety of business needs follow closely behind, namely manufacturing and scientific research and development services.

Global Career Connection is seeking talented job candidates with a variety of skillsets.  Java programmers, .Net programmers, C++ programmers, Python programmers, web developers, GUI Developers, and other software development jobs are always in high demand.  With a growing demand for software solutions, business applications, and data warehousing, software programmers can deliver much needed benefit to the goals of an organization.  .Net jobs are particularly important to many organizations to provide high quality, efficient solutions withless development time and tighter integration.  Alternatively, open source programming technologies are an option if the organization chooses to go that route.