Job Details

Process Engineer
Atlanta, GA
70,000 - 80,000

Manufacturing Engineer Job Description Job Summary: Engineer is responsible for maintaining and improving current processes and equipment. Responsible for new platform launch activities, including new equipment specification, tooling, prototype parts and feasibility. Responsible for coordinating maintenance and repair work with Maintenance Department, along with supervision of maintenance personnel in their area Responsibilities: 1. Ensure the safety of plant personnel is maintained at all times. 2. Develop improvements in processes to help lower manufacturing costs. 3. Design and/or procurement of all new equipment and tooling. 4. Ensure new products are launched in a timely manner and maintain quoted profit margins. 5. Responsible for tooling and programming of CNC robotic benders. 6. Responsible for installation and programming of vision inspection systems. 7. Ensure that effective mistake proof devices are on all pieces of equipment. 8. Maintain quality levels and make improvements to increase levels of quality. 9. Oversee maintenance activities on individual projects to ensure installations are made in a timely manner. 10. Ensure ample stock levels are maintained for repair parts. 11. Develop new processes to maintain client Automotive as leader in the mfg fabrication industry. 12. Write Capital Expenditure requests for capital projects. 13. Ensure that all pieces of equipment are process capable. 14. Develop process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA) for all processes. Skills Required to Perform the Duties of the Job: 1. Strong problem solving skills. 2. Must have excellent computer and communication skills. 3. Ability to design tools, equipment and layouts with computer aided design software. 4. PLC programming experience a plus. Regular and predictable attendance. 5. Ability to stand for long periods of time 6. Ability to maneuver in, around and under factory equipment on a regular basis. 7. Ability to lift and/or carry up to 50 lbs. occasionally. 8. Ability to climb stairs to upstairs office 9. Ability to work at a PC for extended lengths of time 10. Ability to travel (including air travel and long automobile trips)