Job Details

Regional Marketing Product Trainer
Chicago, IL
50,000 - 80,000 plus Company Vehicle

7 openings total.....these other locations are needed as well: NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami 1. Position Statement Serves to continuously create awareness, sustained product knowledge and delivery best practices to achieve higher CSI, SSI and IQS for each center. The RPTs will also be responsible for establishing a link between the Parts, Service and Sales departments to ensure that accessory, service and sales processes (when it comes to product usage) are seamless. 2. Primary Functions Main roles and responsibilities of the RPTs include, but are not limited to: a. Organize in-center training sessions utilizing curriculum pre-planned by the (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) Group University Product Training Manager b. Conduct meetings with centers held regularly (minimum quarterly) with sales and aftersales personnel on new models, technology and sales process support (feature, function and benefit) c. Assist Sales Managers with employee development planning and conduct needs-based product training based upon Area Team and Center Management consultations d. Follow-up new model introductions with vehicle-specific technology training for client advisors, service advisors and other key center personnel especially those new to the (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) brand or those who are customer-facing e. Train, observe, coach dealer sales and aftersales employees on product knowledge and sales process including needs assessment, walk around, demo drive and delivery f. Engage both field and upper management at the dealer to receive buy-in at all levels g. Organize and facilitate walk-around competitions as needed h. Ensure that all relevant marketing communications, resources and programs are fully utilized at each center i. In-person team meetings will be held at least once per quarter at strategic locations necessary for product training i.e. (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) Performance Center j. Occasional market travel with (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) corporate office, area/regional teams k. RPT will provide dealer with observations results and recommendations regarding product knowledge delivery best practices. l. RPT will review and debrief Product Training Manager and other Group University Management on interactions with targeted dealers. m. Quarterly review/evaluation of targeted dealers product knowledge and sales process performance. n. Track trends in performance in the areas of SSI/CSI and IQS relating to areas involving processes related to product knowledge e.g. Foresight. o. Assist client and (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) with monitoring competitive industry training trends and initiatives p. Provide product support at regional and dealer events. 3. Objectives/Measurements a. Launch product related meetings including (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) & Dealership Sales, Service, Parts & High level general management (GM or Center Operator). b. Perform health check of dealership processes relating to acquiring product knowledge, delivery process, needs assessment and CSI/SSI. c. Establish individual dealer personnel goals to increase product knowledge awareness and proficiency. d. Observe adherence to (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) best practices and provide consultation to sales management. e. Increase awareness of specifications and feature operation on current (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) vehicles as well as future models while adhering to SOC guidelines and the number of implemented Aftersales marketing and sales campaigns in the dealership organization. f. RPT representative will visit approximately 10 -20 (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) Dealerships per quarter. g. Market visits to targeted centers to develop understanding of project tools and interfaces in local market: sales performance metrics, marketing materials, training plans, and future-developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), etc. h. RPTs will use FastTrack/Ontrack within ICP to gain better understanding of existing training methods and will follow Product Training Manager’s lead as framework for Center visits. i. Monitor sales/service and CSI/SSI and IQS performance of Dealer personnel. j. Record each center contact. It should include the date, place, and substance of discussion, action items and parties contacted. The report should be submitted to the AK Program Manager as appropriate for review and approval once completed. 4. Core Competencies All new hires are required have core competencies including but not limited to: a. 3 to 5 years exposure to automotive sales and product knowledge b. Active listening and coaching skills c. Aptitude for quickly acquiring in-depth product knowledge – mechanical and technology based d. Strong verbal, communication and public relations skills e. Ability to distill complex terminology into simple understandable terms f. Understanding of dealer Regional Field and Dealer organizational reporting structures g. Ability to develop and present effective materials to large crowds h. The (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) Dealer network and field organization. i. The (Premium Automotive Car Maker )product portfolio, accessories and product knowledge j. (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) systems (InfoNet, CenterNet, DealerSpeed, PKoD, ICP, DEMS, etc) k. Sales reports, targets of individual centers and regional reports l. Cooperation with dealers, the regions, and internal (Premium Automotive Car Maker ) business representatives. m. (Premium Automotive Car Maker )I Brand Product Trainings n. Knowledge in MS office systems (word, power point, excel, etc.) outgoing personality is important Automotive dealership experience is important field sales and marketing experience is important. Bachelors degree is important