Job Details

Business Ingelligence Manager
Troy, MI
100,000 - 125,000

Data Warehousing. The Business Intelligence (BI) Managerıs role is to lead and develop the team that is responsible for strategic design, implementation and support of client's BI software and systems, including integration with databases and data warehouses. This includes selecting, blueprinting, gathering requirements, designing, and rolling out BI solutions to end users. The Business Intelligence Manager is also responsible for ensuring high levels of BI availability through support functions and in-depth testing. III. Principal Activities: Does the following in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws/regulations and the Companyıs policies, procedures and guidelines, this position: % of Time Rank Order 40-50% 1 Direct, organize, and lead projects in the implementation and use of new BI software tools and systems. 20-30% 2 Partner with key business leaders to analyze reporting needs, then research, propose and implement solutions for complex business challenges leveraging the BI platform and using best BI practices 10-20% 3 Lead the integration efforts for merging BI platforms with enterprise systems and applications. 5-10% 3 Develop the semantic layer, metadata, reports, and report definitions. 5-10% 4 Troubleshoot BI tools, systems, and software; performance-tune these applications as necessary. 5-10% 5 Act as evangelist for BI benefits across the organization; promote BI usage to relevant departments. 5-10% 6 Design and deliver end-user training and training materials; provide technical support as necessary. IV. Principal Challenges: Describe the most typical and the most complex problems that are faced in this positions, as well as the long-range challenges: Type of Problem Typical Problem Creating business reports Most Complex Challenge Selecting and building a business intelligence system that has inputs from several systems and allow end user self-service to build and customize reports. Long-Range Challenge Migrating existing reports to new business intelligence system V. Results Expected of Your Job and Special Projects VI. Authority and Responsibility: Who provides work direction for this position? Director, Global Information Systems Who reviews and approves work in progress or when completed? Requestor, Functional Business Process Managers, Director, Global Information Systems What typical decisions does this position have total authority for making? System analysis and software design. Software Development project timelines. What typical decisions does this position refer to others for approval? VII. Key Contacts: Who are the most significant contacts that this positions makes within or outside the company? Key Contact Purpose Frequency Functional Business Process Managers Review Project Scope/Design and Project Timelines Several Times Per Week LX Manager and BPCS 4.03 Manager Review Data structures, discover necessary processes Several Times Per Week Director, Global Information Systems Review Project Timelines, execution plans, staffing issues, etc. Weekly IT Steering Committee Communicate significant project details and provide status updates, identifying challenges, providing clarification, and seeking assistance or direction Once a Month VIII. Minimum Qualifications A. Required Education, Training and/or Experience: The most appropriate minimum education for this position is a university degree Education to be in the following or a related area: Information Technology or Business Analytics Length of Experience The most appropriate level of experience for this position is 7 to 10 years plus the education listed above. Additional certifications or education required to perform this job: N/A B. Skills and Background: · Comprehensive data warehouse analysis and design experience, with full knowledge of data warehouse methodologies and data modeling. · Experience with tier-one applications, databases, and data warehouses, such as MS SQL Server, Crystal, and so on. · Demonstrated ability with Windows and OS400 operating systems · Demonstrated ability with ETL tools. · Strong ability to analyze user requirements and build front-end BI applications according to specifications. · Strong understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles, and practices. · Full project management and development life cycle experience. · Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint for intranet, workflow, document management, and information delivery a plus. · Knowledge of Microsoft .Net development platform preferred. · Experience with data processing flowcharting techniques. · Ability to inspire others through exceptional interpersonal and customer service. · Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to exercise mature judgment. C. Language Requirements: Must be able to speak and understand English. D. Equipment Operation: % of Time Description Service? Nature of Service No E. Physical Requirements Typical office environment F. Additional Information Occasional international travel will be required. IX. Position Dimensions: A. Number of Employees Supervised (directly and indirectly) Professional: 0 Technical or Administrative: 4 B. Financial Responsibilities Responsible for setting and controlling a budget X Has input into setting a budget Responsible for staying within an assigned budget Does not have budget responsibility Budget Accountability: . $2,500,000 to $5,000,000 This position is responsible for controlling department or project resources. D. Other Dimensions/Job Measures 1. Organization Accountablity Directs a major component of the company at the executive level. Directs a large division of the company. Directs a medium to small division of the company. Manages a medium to large department. X Manages a small to medium department or comparable resources. X Responsible for assuring project goals are achieved. X Performs important activities needed to achieve department or company goals. IX. Position Dimensions (contıd.): 2. Work Direction (only for jobs with supervisory responsibility) Distribute work to employees. Review other employeesı work output. Train new employees. Work with employees on professional/personal development. Hire employees. Communicate disciplinary actions/issues to employees. Prepare and deliver performance management reviews to employees. X Provide complete supervision (all of the above). 3. Direct Reports (for those who provide complete supervision as indicated above): 1 - Sharepoint Developer 1 - Database Administrator 1 ­ Report Analyst/.Net Developer 1 -.Net Developer X. Supervisor Remarks A. Duties and Qualifications of the Position 1. What do you consider the most important duty of this position? Creating an easy to use, enterprise class, business intelligence system that has a significant positive impact on our business. 2. What other duties do you consider important? Project Management and staff development 3. What do you consider the most important qualification for this position? Understanding business intelligence fundamentals. B. Comments on employeesı statements > >1. It is not critical to have AS/400 background in this position. A >nice to have, but not a must. The ideal candidate is probably going to >have >a lot of Microsoft Windows and SQL experience. >2. The ideal candidate will be able to understand the data modeling, >etc. So, yes, I would tend to say that they should be able to write SQL >statements/reports with the associated toolset. >3. Microsoft SQL will be the backend. The actual BI tool still has >room to move, we're currently using a tool called PM/10. We >had >some plans to move to their bigger package of EPM/Ion, but we're still >open >to looking at alternatives. The person should have good experience with a >good BI tool, ultimately, someone who has dealt with Sharepoint as well. >4. I would consider other industries. I don't think automotive is an >absolute on this one.