Executive Search Professionals

The professionals at Global Career Connection have been providing responsible, ethical executive search services for well over two decades.  We provide executive search services as well as headhunter, or executive recruiting services.  Global Career Connection is based in the midwestern United States specializing in job placement for the best quality executive positions in the Detroit, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas, but also globally through our contacts worldwide.

Sooner or later in your executive career, you will likely leverage an executive search firm to connect you with just the right job position for you.  You may be looking for a new position or may be hiring the next super star talent.  Executive search agencies like ours operate with only ethical and responsible techniques.  Executive search consultants are professional services provided to organizations seeking to attract, hire, and develop leadership talent.  Assessment of the talent, skills, experience, and potential fit of the candidate to the needs of the position is the key deliverable for headhunters or executive search firms.  We will save the company time and money by using our experience to effectively attract executives, properly assess the candidate, make the right connections, and develop the potential candidates for specific leadership positions.

Global Career Connection is a professional and confidential executive search firm, working hard to attract, develop, and continuing to update our network of connections and job contacts.  We take specific measures to ensure quality and perform research to match the executive candidate with an appropriate organization or corporation.  We pride ourselves with our track record of long term candidate placements. 

We also provide contingent search and retained search services.  Contingent job placement means that the executive search firm earns a fee for their service only if the executive search firm is responsible for identifying and presenting the hired professional to the client company or organization.  A retained search is when the headhunter or executive search firm has contracted with the client to achieve certain results and responsibilities for the client company.  The executive search agency typically retains an exclusivity arrangement.  The retained search arrangement seeks to deliver on job outcomes and results by understanding the attributes, style, and work experience needed by potential candidates. 

A Word to Hiring Organizations
It's likely at some point of every growing organization, the you will need to fill a critical leadership position.  Perhaps it's an executive position that will faciliate your strategic business objectives.  It is important to have a strategic advantage over your competition, so finding the best executive candidate is critical to your long term success.  Polls are showing that appropritate executive level talent is seeing a worldwide shortage, not only in the United States.  For those organizations who are not willing to sacrifice their business objectives to poor decision making and strategy, an executive search firm or executive headhunter is important and choose to engage an executive search firm. 

Mission Statement
To secure and maintain a solid customer base through ethical behavior by making a positive contribution to every single person and client company with whom we come in contact. In doing so, we will increase and expand the quality of life, personal and professional growth of everyone we service. 

Our Confidentiality Promise To You
We promise to provide our personal word and professional integrity to everyone we serve and to keep all conversations completely private.  All of which is provided without asking.

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