Electrical Engineering Jobs and More

Global Career Connection is uniquely positioned to connect you with the best electrical engineering jobs available in the job market today.  Electrical Engineers have always been in demand in the Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Columbus, Wayne, Cincinnati, Cleveland and surrounding midwestern region.  As an integral part of the engineering and manufacturing industries, electrical engineers have been a critical part to success, and therefore are always a part of the employment placement market.  We are always looking for skilled Engineers for placement with quality companies of all sizes.  So if you are looking for job placement with the best companies available, contact Global Career Connection.

Global Career Connection prides itself on finding the right candidate for the job.  In the case of Electrical Engineering, we seek all sorts of skillsets.  These can include, but not limited to:  Understanding complete electrical and electronic systems.  System Engineering, including hardware interfaces, software engineering, system communication, system configuration, system schematics and more.  The ability to coordinate harness designs, and the ability to create quality electrical documentations and schematics.  There are obvious needs for those with BSEE and experience with products and Electrical Engineering disciplines in the automotive industry, heavy truck, agricultural, consumer electronics, medical engineering.

We are seeking candidates with a variety of job titles.  Global Career Connection is constantly looking for Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Electronic Field Test Engineers, Software Engineers, Software Developers, Hardware Engineers, Accounting, Executives, and everything in between. 

Regarding Electrical Engineering positions or Electronics Engineering positions, we are looking for candidates interested in permanent employment with the best companies available.  We look to make long term relationships with employers and candidates alike.   There are needs for those with Bachelors degrees, Masters Degrees, and PHDs in the field of Electrical Engineering.  Our clients have many benefits available in terms of competitive compensation, health benefits, and paid time off.

As green energy initiatives take off, there will be a growing demand for Electrical Engineers with skillsets in the areas of high voltage, renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, alternative lighting, photovoltaic, pv, biomass, waste to energy, hydropower and more.

Did You Know?
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Electrical Engineers hold 157,800 jobs and Electronics Engineers (except computer) hold 143,700 jobs in America in 2008.  Furthermore, about 36 percent of all engineering jobs were found in manufacturing industries, while an additional 30 percent were in the professional, scientific, and technical services industries.  Government employs about 12 percent of all engineers. 

Global Career Connection, Inc. is a privately owned and operated Midwest based boutique style executive search firm.  We are experts in contingency and retained permanent placement recruiting within a variety of disciplines, positions and industries.  Our ability to match corporate culture to an individual and his/her professional skill sets has satisfied countless companies from small to medium sized local clients to a worldwide fortune 500 scope including placements in USA, Germany, China, Italy, Korea, India, and Japan.  Our history of employee retention illustrates our main goal to make the right placement the first time through.  We have mastered the art of matching specific candidates with particular career opportunities and their unique requirements.  Once a placement is secured, we believe our best practices approach is to implement a Quality Control program to ensure both parties are satisfied for the long term.  The principal recruiter (Kirk A. Frailey) has been in the recruiting arena since the fall of 1989.  His local, national, and worldwide contacts allow us to network and reach out to exceptional talent unavailable to most other competitors in this very competitive field. 

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